How to use Chineasy

How to use Chineasy

Chineasy works on a simple building block principle. When you know a few key base characters (or building blocks) you can start combining them to create more complex words (compounds) which, when combined, allow you to create simple phrases and stories. It’s that easy!

On you will see a header termed ‘Try it’, see it? If you click on Try it and go to Basics you will find our first set of 8 building blocks. Click on each thumbnail and you will find a collection of different compounds & phrases comprised of your chosen building block with interesting Chinese cultural references and memory aides.

To get the most of the Try it section, see below:


1. This top section gives you the main English translation of the character.

2. The Pinyin will teach you how to pronounce the character. You will notice a number besides each Pinyin. This number represents the character’s tone mark. This mark shows readers where to place their pronunciation emphasis. Check out our FAQ for more information about the pronunciations of Pinyins.

3. This section tells you how frequently your chosen word is used. As with all languages some words are used more commonly than others. Regardless of if they are common or rare all words are worth learning!

4. This section tells you what style the character has been written in. Check out our FAQ page for more information about the differences between Traditional, Simple and Kanji.

5. Here you will find a handy definition telling you how the character is composed. It will also give you handy hints to remember the character and, if possible, some history about the character and its uses.

6. Once you have learnt the compound feel free to share it with all of your friends. Anyone can learn!