Join Our Team - Editorial Manager / Copywriter

October 14, 2016

by Chineasy

About us

Chineasy empowers the curious minds to experience the magic of Chinese language and culture.

Founder ShaoLan introduced Chineasy’s innovative visual-based learning methodology in a 2013 TED Talk, which since achieved over 5 million views. Chineasy has been widely featured in leading media such as Wall Street Journal, and recognised by world-class awards such as Fast Company’s “The World’s Top 10 Most Innovative Companies Backed by Kickstarter in 2015”.

Chineasy has become the world’s most recognised brand in learning Chinese with over 550,000 followers across the internet. Now, Chineasy is growing with new products and expanding to new markets.

We’re looking for talents to join our team based in London and Boston.


Editorial Manager / Copywriter


We are looking for an experienced Editorial Manager / Copywriter who is passionate about our brand, creative, and innovative in their approach to acquire and engage customers. This role will be critical in accelerating our growth.

  • You will be creating and managing instructional and educational content for our online and offline products.
  • You will be creating and managing our content resources to help us reach new audiences through blogs, social, and other channels of communication. The main objective is to position Chineasy as a thought leader when it comes to learning Chinese language and culture.
  • Support business, marketing, and branding objectives with content that is valuable, unique, and interesting. Maintain our brand voice and editorial style across our product lines, and help improve it.
  • You will develop editorial content, manage illustration requests, own deadlines and editorial process to ensure smooth, efficient creation of all editorial materials.

This is a part-time position. The role and responsibility depend on candidate’s qualification and time commitment.

Required Qualifications

You are a good initiator and finisher. You thrive in ambiguity, love a rapid pace, live with can-do attitudes. You are a team player, innovative problem-solver, and a joy to work with. You have a strong desire to learn, improve, work with a world-class team with an extremely high standard.

Required skills and responsibilities

  • Experience. Bachelor’s degree with 5+ years of copywriting experience. Excellent writing and editing skills.
  • Appreciate Chineasy’s brand spirit. Able to create content that enhances the customer experience with your unique and creative inputs, while being aligned and consistent with Chineasy’s brand style
  • Passionate about our mission. You believe in the power of bridging the West and the East. You are interested in Chinese language and culture, you appreciate cultural diversity, and you love our customers.
  • Strong communication & collaboration skills. Excellent written and verbal communication skills and the ability to collaborate across various departments. This is a fast-paced, deadline-driven role.
  • Hands-on, “get things done” mentality. Self-starter with the ability to prioritise in a fast paced environment and meet changing deadlines and priorities on multiple simultaneous projects. Ability to multi-task and meet deadlines while still paying attention to details and executing flawlessly. Strong project management skills.

Desired Qualifications

  • Based in London or Boston.  
  • Experience in social media.
  • Experience with education, entertainment, podcast related content
  • Knowledge of Chinese language and culture. Existing insights about learners for Chinese language and culture - adults and children, native and non-native.
  • HTML, image editing, and other basic web skills.

To Apply

Thank you for your interests! Please email us at

    • Title: Application for Editorial Manager / Copywriter_Your Name
    • Include:
      • Resume
      • A short paragraph explaining why you will be a good fit for this role and anything else you think is relevant and critical for us to know

With limited capacity in our tiny team with big vision, we will try our best to get back to you as soon as we can. We look forward to getting to know you!